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Well, t's not easy to write a critique...
And I am not a professional critic (and don't want to be so)
I love this photo. Something fresh and some kind of purity in the global scene, the pose, the model choice and the ambiance.
The light is really nice and sweet, coming through the window and drawing a triangle in the center of the shot.
I have nothing to critique about the shot shot itself, it's a wonderful shot.
No, nothing to say about it... and I don't like to make or read critiques about the photographies because they represent the photographer mind and vision of the things and the world (except when there are technical mistakes in the shooting process, in this case critiques can help, but that's not the case here, completly the opposite !!!! )
The only thing I can critique is post treatment relative.
Considering the light, if I was the post treatment operator, I should have kept the picture more in the grays giving less pastel color for the model and the tissue valorization. But it's a question of personal taste ! So this critique doesn't really makes a big sense...
The only thing I won't have made as post treatment operator is the canva frame around the picture. It gives the picture a kind of oldie origin in complete opposition to the photo subject wich you kept close to the original shoot and to the model. In this way the frame seems a little stranger to the picture and behave as a gratuitous element in the picture.
From my point of view, integrating the frame should have needed to post treat the picture surface with oldies zones in order to recall the canva frame presence. But I don't think the frame to be indispensable to the picture. When you zoom in the photo, letting the frame out of the screen, you realize that everithing is working as well as when you have the frame in your vision.
So, the only critique I can make is that the frame was not really insdispensable in your really nice and emotive picture.
But that's only from my point of view, again, I am not a professional critic,
really appreciate your galleries and your work (and especially your monochrome works).
See you,
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